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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject httpd.conf changes?
Date Sun, 19 Nov 2000 21:39:41 GMT
This has been discussed on the documentation list, and it was
recommended that the discussion be continued here if anyone intended to
do anything about it.

I've heard complaints, and had a few difficulties myself, with regard to
httpd.conf. These complaints are on two fronts:

1) Although it is great to have such copious comments that any moron can
pick up the file and figure out what they need to change, if you've been
running Apache for a few years, those comments just become a nuisance.
Wouldn't it be nice to have a trimmed-down httpd.conf file that was more
signal, less noise?

2) The organization of the file is somewhat confusing. Directives that
are related do not necessarily appear together, and the directives that
you are most likely to change in a basic installation (ServerName,
ServerAdmin, Port, etc) are buried deep in the file. Perhaps either a
reorganization, or at least a table of contents, would be helpful.

I raised these points on the docs list, and Ken was quick to point out
that the organization of the file was done after much deliberation by a
number of people who know Apache very well. (I think I used the word
"random", which was a great exaggeration.)

Suggestions that have been made are: To provide a
file, which contains the bare minimum of comments. To provide a
/samples/ subdirectory of conf, containing examples of how one might
accomplish various things. To slightly rearrange the file to move
commonly-changed directives to the top where they are easily accessible.

I've attached a httpd.conf file which is essentially what I use on my
installations, because it removes a lot of the comments that are no
longer helpful to me, and moves some of the directives around so that
the placement makes more sense to me.


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