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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: Projects for Apache 2.0
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2000 01:56:18 GMT
Joshua Slive wrote:
> - Merging of changes in 1.3.
>    - There have been many changes in the 1.3 docs which haven't
>      been propagated into 2.0.  For example, many of the "It Worked"
>      translations have not made it.

I know that pretty much all the changes that I've made since ApacheCon,
I've forgotten to make in 2.0, so all of those things are out of sync.
> - Reorganizing.
>    - I think this is a good opportunity to think about directory
>      structure.  I was thinking of having a "platform" directory
>      for platform specific notes and a "FAQ" directory.  What
>      others are needed?

The tutorials/howtos directory is not on the 2.0 side yet.
> - Cleaning.
>    - We could use a list of all the docs that can be axed out of 2.0
>      because they are redundant or irrelevant.

I've been noticing some of these lately. I'm reluctant to bring them up,
because they tend to be cases where there are two very good docs on the
same subject, and people might get their toes stepped on if we were to
choose one and not the other. But, I'll try to be diplomatic. I need to
look these up again.

> - New build process.
>    - The new build process is autoconf based, so manual/install.html
>      will need to be completely rewritten.  Someone with enough
>      patience could probably figure out most of the important stuff
>      by trial and error.

This sounds fun. I wish I did not have so many things going in, as I'd
like to do this one. Whoever takes this, let me know if you need help,
but I'm pretty swamped right now.
> I wonder if we should have a doc like this committed to each
> repository so that we can keep track of things that need
> to be done (like the STATUS file in the source distribution).

Yes, that would be very helpful. Or, alternatively, these things could
be logged in the bug tracking system.

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