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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: SSI tutorial
Date Sun, 05 Nov 2000 04:42:13 GMT
Joshua Slive wrote:
> I have no real preference here.  I've just been throwing stuff in the root
> directory, but that is probably wrong.  I would prefer something a little
> more generic than howto or tutorial, but whatever you decide is fine with
> me.  (Putting it in the root directory is fine with me also.)

I'm reluctant to put it in the root directory, because I expect that at
a later date it will be desirable to move them to a subdirectory, and
moving files in CVS sucks. What would be more generic than howto or

I guess I'm leaning towards 'howto' myself, although I'm not sure it
really matters what we call it.

> > I have no problems with this. But I will almost certainly maintain the
> > POD in my own CVS tree, and just write a specialized pod2apachecdocs
> > conversion so that I can continue to do my actual content generation in
> > POD.
> OK.  The only problem here is that, either all changes will need to be
> filtered through you, or your version will get out of sync with the one in
> the repository.  Given that you are contributing all this great content,
> however, I think you can handle it any way you see fit.

Yes. That is a potential problem. That will swiftly become painful. Oh,
well. We'll see how it turns out. At least it does not affect anyone but
me. Everyone else can edit the HTML directly if desired. Or they can get
the pod from me. Either way, I'm the only one that has to maintain two
versions. I think.

> > Anyways, here's the second draft.
> Looks good.  I would prefer to see the "Related..." sections in the same
> format as the ones in env.html and handlers.html, but that is up to you.

Oh, OK. That would be cool. I'll make that change, and put up one more

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