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From Tony Finch <>
Subject Re: main page
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2000 20:06:50 GMT
Joshua Slive <> wrote:
>- Two or three columns?  On my high-res monitors, the two column display
>is nicer, but I can see how it could involve lots of scrolling on
>lower-res displays.  We can't please everyone, but what is the best

I think two columns is fine. My browser is usually about 640 pixels
wide, and it works fine there. I would have expected three columns to
be worse for small screens, not better.

>- Should we change the headers of the other pages to match this page (with
>the quick links at the top)> The problem with doing this is, as noted
>before, it will involve including HTML 4.0 in docs marked as HTML3.2. I
>can change the header very easily because it is an SSI, but the <doctype>
>is hardcoded into each file, so it is not easy to change.

Hmm. I would have suggested adding the doctype to the standard header
but the document title gets in the way. Perhaps we should add another
include file for the doctype? Oh, and why isn't the <body> colour
scheme in the header? (I guess it makes the HTML nesting a bit dubious.)

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