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From James A Sutherland <>
Subject Re: HTML3.2 -> HTML4.0
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2000 16:18:49 GMT
On Wed, 29 Nov 2000, you wrote:
> > > Are you proposing that all the documentation be moved to XHTML, or just
> > > these header files? The former is a sizeable undertaking from two
> > > fronts. One, we're talking about a lot of docs to convert. Two, we're
> > > talking about educating every contributer to submit stuff in XHTML, when
> > > they are used to writing HTML.
> > 
> > The changes required aren't huge; the only major thing is using lowercase for
> > tags. You need to put a trailing slash on single tags, too; apart from that,
> > it's no big deal.
> Yes, understood, I know what's involved in making a document XHTML
> complient. What's big, however, is the scope of such a change. We're
> talking about, at a rough count (ls -laR | grep -c html) 455 documents
> that would need to be converted and validated. This is not a small
> undertaking.

Yes - which is why I'm not suggesting a "big bang" switchover. Just create the
new header, then convert the pages one at a time to validate properly. A fair
bit of this can be automated, anyway...

> > Basically, going for XHTML isn't a huge undertaking, and allows us to get
> > much better automatic checking. It would also be nice to boast
> > compliance with the latest and greatest standards :-)
> Ja. Agreed. Just want to make sure that we know what we're getting into,
> and that there are people willing to put in the work. I tend to have
> time in cycles lately. I've been in an "off" mode the last two weeks for
> a variety of reasons. And although some folks like Joshua seem to have
> unlimited time to produce quality work, most of us are mortal.

I should have some time coming up, although how much of this will be
PC-equipped, I don't know. (The laptop went off to have the screen repaired,
and came back with three floppy drives and no battery. Duh. Then the company

> And, thanks for your concern, but the little one is still very sick, and
> I seem to be getting it too. Bah.

Sorry to hear that - hope you're both better soon. You do know the best cure is
lots of HTML editing, don't you? :-)


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