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From Chris Pepper <>
Subject Re: main doc page: REALLY last call
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2000 19:20:48 GMT
At 10:47 AM -0800 2000/10/31, Joshua Slive wrote:
>  > >Update at
>  > >
>>	I'd take out both of the thinner/narrower <hr>s, but they're
>>  okay as is. Looks nice, although personally I'd prefer 3 columns with
>  > <small>.

>Here are my arguments against the <small> 3 column layout:
>- I don't see a good reason to override the font that people have chosen
>for their web browser.  I know, most sites do it, but as a philisophical
>issue, we should be leaving as much of the presentation as possible in the
>hands of the client.
>- All the other docs are in the standard font, so it would be strange to
>have the main page in a smaller font.

	It's a table of contents, though, and indexes in books, and 
ToCs on the web, are often smaller because they're so dense. I don't 
like maintext in <small>, but think it's justified for non-maintext 
when you have too much information to present. Right now there's 
significant scrolling (both axes) in the small window/large font MS 
defaults to (and which I haven't yet changed).

>- Scattering tons of <small>s around makes the markup uglier.

	True. Better with styles, but I haven't switched my stuff over yet.

>- The three column layout seemed too busy visually.  I think it was harder
>to find the relevant infromation with a quick scan in that layout.

	This is obviously a matter of taste. I find scanning the 
headlines scattered across the page preferable to scrolling for more 
headlines (which may or may not be present).


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