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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: SSI tutorial
Date Sun, 29 Oct 2000 22:34:27 GMT
On Sun, 29 Oct 2000, Rich Bowen wrote:

> Attatched is my first cut at a SSI tutorial. I'll just attach the HTML,
> pending further discussion on the matter of POD. We also need to decide
> where this should go, if and when people think it is useful.

I think the first decision that needs to be made is: should there be one
section for "high level" docs (high meaning knowledge required to
understand them), and a seperate section for "beginner level" docs, or can
they be combined into a single section.  I think I would prefer to see
them together, and over time try to add material to the "high level" ones
so they will be more accessible, but I could be convinced otherwise.
I have so far been thinking of this section as "Configuration Topics", but
perhaps a better title would simply be "Using Apache httpd".

The format you are using is pretty close to the basic format I have been
using.  I would just add a "Related Modules" (mod_include, mod_cgi) and
"Related Directives" (XBitHack, AddHandler, Options, etc) section near the
top someplace, and grab the header and footer material from one of the
existing docs.

I would suggest including the "credits" info either at the top or at the
bottom, but not in both places.

Content-wise it looks great.  I would probably change every occurence of
<!--#exec cgi to <!--#include virtual, and obviously there needs to be
links added back and forth to existing Apache docs, but that can be done

Regarding HTML-POD-whatever, I am a pure HTML man myself.  However, I have
no objection if people want to go with a more descriptive format.  I would
think that if we did this, XML/DocBook/etc would probably be preferable
over POD.  Until someone takes the initiative to research/discuss this in
detail, I suggest we continue with plain HTML.


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