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From Julia Pond <>
Subject Re: main doc page: REALLY last call
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2000 16:40:04 GMT
I like it even better!!

Joshua Slive wrote:

> Alright, so I thought some more, and made some more changes, and am
> getting ready to commit this, but I would still greatly appreciate
> feedback.
> Changes:
> -Two columns rather than three.  I think this is a little clearer and
> nicer to look at, especially in the larger font size.  I could go back to
> the <small>s, but I prefer to avoid font-presentation tags.
> - Changed "Configuration Topics" to "Using the Apache HTTP Server".
> - Dropped a bunch of stuff from the "Other Topics" section.  These will go
> on a seperate page.  They do not deserve to be on the main page, because
> they are mostly outdated and interesting only to a small proportion of
> users.
> I see the "Using the Apache HTTP Server" section expanding.  I have
> already placed a link there for Rich's SSI stuff.
> What'd'ya'think?
> Joshua.

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