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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: SSI tutorial
Date Sun, 29 Oct 2000 21:20:53 GMT
Rich Bowen wrote:
> I mentioned a while back that I wanted to contribute my
> articles when the 90-day moratoriam runs out. It has done so for the
> first batch of articles. I've got a series of three articles about SSI
> that I'd like to reformat and contribute for the docs. They are
> beginner-level HOW-TO type articles.
> I'll try to merge them into one document, and post it up in a little
> bit.
> So, the question I had is, is it reasonable to create a new section for
> HOWTOs and tutorials? There's a doc right now (/manual/misc/howto.html)
> that has some howto's on it, but once we have more than just a few,
> putting them all on one page is going to be impossible. And one hopes
> that we will soon have more than just a few.

Here's another question or two.

I write in POD. I find it a very natural way to write, and you end up
with something that can be very easily converted to just about any other
format that anyone might care about, from HTML to PS to TeX, or whatever
else you want. The problem is that, once I convert it to HTML to submit
to the Apache docs, I have something that is harder to edit, harder to
add to, and harder to maintain. And which can no longer be easily
converted to other document formats.

It is my humble opinion that the POD should be in CVS as well as the
HTML.Of course, this then creates the problem of keeping the two in
sync, and you have twice the maintenance burden for folks that are not
familiar with POD.

I expect that this has been discussed before, either with regard to POD,
or XML, or who-knows-what-other-format, and I really should troll back
through the archives to see where the discussion went before. And I'll
probably do that, but I wondered what thoughts anyone had about this.

The other question is whether there is an accepted template that I
should be using when I convert content to HTML for the docs.

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