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From Tony Finch <>
Subject Re: main doc page: REALLY last call
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2000 03:32:23 GMT
Joshua Slive <> wrote:

Cool. I should have looked at this before sending my previous message
to this list!

I'm not sure I like the header. IMO it should be more like the rest of
the docs, i.e. header gif, "Apache HTTP Server", "Apache 1.3 User's
Guide" as before, then the line of hot links ("Home" seems redundant,
unless the links are going to be on every page... in which case it can
stay immediately under the gif), then an <HR> and the main body of the
page, and finally the search box at the bottom. At the moment the
"Apache HTTP Server" between two lines looks misplaced.

>- Dropped a bunch of stuff from the "Other Topics" section.  These will go
>on a seperate page.  They do not deserve to be on the main page, because
>they are mostly outdated and interesting only to a small proportion of

I guess the "Other Notes" link is this? Is that where the OS-specific
performance tuning notes have gone? I expected the link to them to be
in the "Platform Specific Notes" section.

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