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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Module docs
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2000 19:08:52 GMT
As I think is evident, I am interested in improving the consistency (and
usability) of the module docs by putting them all in a standard format.  I
have made a suggestion of a format (See message-id
but I really don't feel comfortable going ahead without some feedback.
I am sure that there are improvements that could be made, since I am
neither an HTML design expert, nor a documentation expert.

So, how about some of you lurkers out there on the list take a look and
make some suggestions.  (Feedback from Apache group members is obviously
acceptable as well.)

The format I suggested is just about as close as possible to the format
that many of the module docs are already in. Is more detail needed?  Less
detail?  Should we be looking at a non-html format (DocBook, XML,
whatever...).  Should it be "flashier" like mod_rewrite.html?

Joshua Slive
Phone: (604) 822-1871

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