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From "Doug Young" <>
Subject Re: Apache Documentation]
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2000 21:47:48 GMT
This is EXACTLY the problem faced by most regular (as in non geeky) users
of apache. There's no question that apache itself usually performs well, but
trying to make sense of the horribly obtuse documentation is a real feat.
I've prepared a basic tutorial on FreeBSD setup / configuration for the
odd members of a non-profit internet access group & have received countless
comments along the lines that "its nice to see that someone has finally
some docs in regular user language". I would like to do something similar on
but to do so one needs to find simple english answers in the first place ...
the present
state of the "official" docs is such that is the LAST place for
regular users
to go in search of intelligible answers !!!!

I realize there's a "Dummies" book on the subject .... these used to be
popular in OZ
a few years back, but with the all time low value of the local currency
relative to the
$US they are becoming too expensive for many. Pity someone in Europe hasn't
produced something in print .... at least the eu is still compatible with
the $OZ

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> Some remarks from a docco user from a couple of years ago..
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