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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject [PATCH] reorder htdocs/manual/mod/index.html by "type"
Date Sun, 20 Aug 2000 23:04:50 GMT
This patch to htdocs/manual/mod/index.html is meant to assist
people who are trying to get familiar with apache by skimming the
docs.  Ordering the modules by purpose, rather than alphabetically should
be much easier for begginners.  For example, if you need to set
environment variables and found that mod_env did not do the trick, you
would see mod_setenvif nearby, rather than at the other end of the list.
The cost of this change is that people looking for the docs for a specific
module may be delayed by half a second or so.  Not a big deal, in my

The grouping of modules comes mostly from the one already used in the
INSTALL file in the source distribution.

Joshua Slive
Phone: (604) 822-1871

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