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From Raymond S Brand <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Second try: External Apache tutorials and mod/index.htmlreorg
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2000 19:51:42 GMT
Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
> Raymond S Brand wrote:
> >
> > If this index is going to go into the docs, then I suggest that it
> > and the existing alphabetical module list both have links from the
> > "top" index page.
> So are we leaning toward separate pages?  One ordered lexically
> (the current version) and one functionally?


> > And to be> complete, you should also create another directive
> > index that categorizes the individual directives like you did
> > the modules, and link the two directive indexes off the "top"
> > index page.
> A good idea, but a lot more work. :-)

That's why I didn't volunteer :-)

> One problem with keeping separate lists is that there will
> be a tendency for them to fall out of sync.  We could do
> some neat single-data-source things if we could use PHP or
> the like, but we have to stay with basic HTML and some SSI
> because of the mirrors and release packaging.

Could definitely be a problem but the "many eyes" approach should
keep it mostly under control.

<Fair_Warning "What follows is an idea I have no time to implement>

An alternative to some form of dynamic content is build the directive
index pages and module index pages statically from a set of source

Basic setup:
	Create a doc source directory and populate it with a file
		for each module.

	Each module file contains the module name, short description,
		list of functional areas, long description, and the
		list of implemented directives in some parse-able

	Each implemented directive in the list contains the directive
		name, attributes, description, etc. in some parse-able

Build process:
	A program loops through the files in the doc source directory
		producing the static HTML doc pages. The program
		should get run as part of the build process and could
		also be run when creating the source tarballs. 

Nice advantage:
	Documentation for non ASF modules can be included in the end-users
		doc tree easily.


	Raymond S Brand

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