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From Raymond S Brand <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Second try: External Apache tutorials and mod/index.htmlreorg
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2000 17:59:06 GMT
Who should the docs be optimal for? The "first time user" or the "regular user"?
I do not believe that the answer should be for the "first time user"; after all,
they probably want/need a tutorial, not the reference manual.

Yes, with the, currently, small number of modules, it's easy enough to just look
through the list to find the module you need but what happens when the number of
modules is not so small. Don't assume that all browsers have reasonable search

If this index is going to go into the docs, then I suggest that it and the existing
alphabetical module list both have links from the "top" index page. And to be
complete, you should also create another directive index that categorizes the
individual directives like you did the modules, and link the two directive
indexes off the "top" index page.

	Raymond S Brand

My suggestion is to have 
Joshua Slive wrote:
> On Wed, 23 Aug 2000, Raymond S Brand wrote:
> > OK, some feedback.
> >
> > The patch to htdocs/manual/mod/index.html, although useful in its own right,
> > eliminates a useful index of modules sorted by module name.
> >
> > I recommend not accepting that patch as is.
> >
> That is reasonable.  As I stated in my original email for this patch, I
> did consider this and my opinion is that this patch shouldn't really slow
> down somebody looking for a specific module (by name) by more that a
> couple seconds.  (Worst case scenario: hit the alt/ctrl-f in netscape and
> type your module name.)  However, if others disagree, I would still
> suggest making this version the default "modules" page because it is in
> the structure that is most useful for a first-time user of the docs.  The
> alphabetic index could then be linked to this page just as the alphabetic
> list of directives is. The "expert" users that would be looking for the
> alphabetic index would be expert enough to be able to make the extra click
> to find it.
> --
> Joshua Slive
> Phone: (604) 822-1871

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