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From Julia Pond <>
Subject Re: Opinions about API documentation
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2000 14:55:40 GMT
Definitely, keep them separate, that's a good standard for usability.
Unique TOC entries & quick navigation to the topic is important.

You could describe the SERVER_* constants separately *and* list them
under the scoreboard entry, if you wanted to. People might search on
"scoreboard", and it would be handy to get all pertinent info there.

Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

> I'm writing a bunch of the 1.3 API documentation pieces,
> and so far I've been treating each identifier separately.
> That is, there's a separate entry for each of HTTP_OK,
> The question I have is whether this is appropriate, or
> whether things like the SERVER_* constants should all
> be described as part of the scoreboard entry.
> Keeping them separate allows them to be found easily,
> and gives each a unique entry in the index/table of
> contents -- but it also adds up to a lot of separate
> files (one apiece).
> I'm inclined to keep doing it this way because I think
> the ease of locating something is worth it.  (Consider
> that there are eight (8) separate scoreboard entries,
> for types and routines -- under which would the scoreboard
> constants go, and how easy would it be to find them?)
> Opinions?
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