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From Philip Mak <>
Subject Time-based Bandwidth Throttling
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2000 21:07:30 GMT

I would like to make it so that my web server (Red Hat Linux) can limit
the outgoing bandwidth of the entire server (e.g. bytes per second) based
on time of day. I was wondering if anyone here could provide suggestions
as to where to hack.

I searched on and I found this:

This is a module that allows bandwidth throttling based on virtual hosts
(e.g. virtual host X can only output 1024 bytes/sec, virtual host Y can
output 2048 bytes/sec). I was thinking maybe I can use this as a starting
point for my little project. I am thinking I just have to change this
program so that it calculates the bandwidth limit based on time of day

Does my plan sound reasonable, and are their any pitfalls I should watch
out for? Your thoughts are appreciated.


-Philip Mak (

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