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From Kevin Lo <>
Subject Re: Web server docs proposal (take n)
Date Tue, 30 May 2000 14:14:25 GMT
Ken Coar wrote:

> Okey, here's another attempt, now that I have some time to write
> it up.


> Why:
> Because we have lots of people who are interested in contributing
> to the Web server project by working on the docs rather than the
> code.  This includes people who want to provide translations for
> various of the pages.  Currently the only way they can do this is
> by submitting a patch to the development mailing list, with no
> assurance that it won't get ignored.  Putting the documentation
> into a separate module means we can have a separate -- and less
> restrictive, perhaps -- list of people who can commit to the
> documentation project.

Agreed. Well, Ken, would you remember me? I'd told you that
I finished translating the Apache docs into Chinese *last year*.
You said you will setup the CVS and let me commit it.
Guess what? I have been waiting for almost one year!! *sigh*
I'm happy now you write a proposal, hope this time you won't
let me down again...

> Have I missed anything?

IMHO, I think you would start a project called Translations,
just like FreeBSD Docs Project:

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- Kevin

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