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From Rich Roth <>
Subject Re: Strawman XML
Date Sat, 04 Sep 1999 14:54:09 GMT
On Sat, 4 Sep 1999, sehh of H.I.C. & D.B.S. wrote:

> I am the author of ServerConfig/2, GUI config util for OS/2. What i was
> looking for, was a 'version' of the Apache documentation which could be
> compiled under the OS/2 help file

> Another important issue is portability, HTML is a good choice since it
> can be converted into many other formats, like online Help facilities,
> unlike PDF which needs a PDF viewer and can't be called within a program
> as online help. 

Actually HTML is not a good base for conversion since it does not have a
lot of the information in a format converters can handle very acurrately
for a wide range of uses. 

> XML is a good choice, but you have to consider that the Apache
> documentation must also exist online in Apache's website, and HTML is a
> more suitable format since it can be browsed by older browsers. 

It is far simplier to convert HTML to XML than HTML to XML and other
formats - XML contains information that HTML doesn't and is better formed
producing more accurate results.  There are a number of tools to convert
XML to HTML plus newer browsers can display XML directly.

net-net: I think you have it backward, the better way is to use the more
advanced and standardized format (XML) and include HTML in one of the
standard renderings.

Later ...

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