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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <>
Subject Re: Strawman XML
Date Wed, 08 Sep 1999 06:45:00 GMT

On Tue, 7 Sep 1999, Ben Laurie wrote:

> Dirk-Willem van Gulik wrote:
> > 
> > As a sequel on the previous question.. "has anyone parsed/recorded the
> > apache documentation into a semantic format (such as one could use
> > for the configurators) or automatic generation of, say a PDF version of
> > the documents ??".. here is a followup:
> >         <SYNTAX TYPE="TAKEONE">
> >                 <ARGUMENT TYPE="filename">
> >                         <DESCRIPTION>
> >                                 AuthGroupFile <EM>filename</EM>
> >                         </DESCRIPTION>
> This can't be right: the description for the whole line is nested within
> a single argument.

Hmm; this was done because this DESCRIPTION is not part of the main
directive but an explicit 'example' of this syntax in this context. 

For directives like 'allow' where the parameter has five syntaxes (fqhn,
partial domain name, CIDR, full IP, partial IP) plus a fifth env syntax
this makes sense to the UI (which shows a little yellow balloon thingy).

> <EM>Filename</EM> should be a reference to the argument (forgot how you
> do that in XML). 

Ah, now I understand what you are after; and then construct things like a
EXAMPLE or DESCRIPTION field per sysntax. Hmm.. that would mean a proper
XPath implementation. I've not gone much further than XSLT sofar with a
few 100 lines of perl. But yes that would be nice, and get around some of
the i18n problems I currently have (the final take _must_ do both french
and english).

> Not sure about including things like <EM> at all, anyway.

... yes.. remains of auto conversion and lazyness. Plus the fact that the
UI tool wants html for the fragments which are displayed to the user when
you want to do any markup in them.

> >         <RELATED>
> >                 <A HREF="core.html#authname">AuthName</A>,
> XML refs, not HTML refs, surely?

Yes.. currently all elements/attributes not in the DTD for the xml are
silently passed on by the XSLT renderer to the UI. The UI has a widget
which knows how to display simple html. And the HREF is prefixed by the
mother's file name so the GUI has buttons to the real documentation which
pops up in a second window.
Thanks Ben, I like the idea for implicitly coding syntaxes and the lot as
references. That would be a nice and not that much extra work. Though we'd
have to check if we can then still re-generate all of the current doc's in
more or less their current format.


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