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From Andrew Ford <>
Subject Re: Strawman XML
Date Wed, 25 Aug 1999 19:57:18 GMT (Dirk-Willem van Gulik) writes:

> As a sequel on the previous question.. "has anyone parsed/recorded the
> apache documentation into a semantic format (such as one could use
> for the configurators) or automatic generation of, say a PDF version of
> the documents ??".. here is a followup:
> Does anyone see great error or fundamental wrongs with the attached
> strawman ? It is the result of half an hour of perl hacking and 10 minutes
> of touch up. The script more or less works for all module mod_*.html
> files. The example below should be complete; i.e. there is no information
> lost in the transformation; and the orignal HTML can be reconstructed.
> I'd like to hear some noice from people writing configurators, just to see
> where they are heading.. and from people thinking of improving the doc's,
> having multiple language variants, etc. 

I am in the process of converting the Apache and mod_perl Quick
Reference Cards to use the DocBook SGML DTD with some additions for
the directive information.  This will first of all feed into the
"Apache Pocket Reference" I am writing for O'Reilly and then into the
quick reference cards.  To give a flavour, here are a couple of the
directives marked up:

     '<apdirinfo name       = "Directory"
		 container  = "yes"
		 module     = "http_core"
		 status     = "CORE"
		 context    = "cv">
	      <optional>~</optional> <metavar>regex</metavar>
      </apdirinfo>' >

    <!ENTITY apdir.documentroot
     '<apdirinfo name       = "DocumentRoot"
		 container  = "no"
		 module     = "http_core"
		 status     = "CORE"
		 context    = "cv">
      </apdirinfo>' >

The directives are defined as entities so the semantic information can
be included wherever needed.  The metavariables are also included as
entities to facilitate translation.  If set to English the entity
apmeta.pattern is defined as "pattern"; if set to German then it is
defined as "Muster", etc.

Your XML looks OK to me.

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