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From Daniel Veillard <>
Subject Re: Strawman XML
Date Wed, 25 Aug 1999 14:54:55 GMT
> Does anyone see great error or fundamental wrongs with the attached
> strawman ?

I suggest the following:

:1,$ s/ LANG=/ xml:lang=/g

   the reference being

Fragment of html included in the output should be cleaned up, for example
the <p> included in line 17 generates a well-formedness error making
the full piece unusable (a parser must not recover on those kind of errors).
The simplest (and ugliest) is to escape all html constructs in the
content  s/</&lt;/g  in the content may do the trick.
  <DIRECTIVE id="AuthUserFile</A>">
is not allowed, the < must be escaped even in attributes values.
  <IA REF="AuthDBMGroupFile/>
lacks the closing double-quote
line 64:
should be a closing declaration

  Basically there is a bit of cleanup needed before it gets accepted by
a XML parser. Maybe half an hour more of work :-)

I would also swap all these uppercases to lowercase, but it's rather a
personal taste :-)


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