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From "Bret McMillan" <>
Subject Re: Need help adding symlink-like capability to Apache on NT
Date Tue, 05 Jan 1999 19:39:17 GMT
I'm looking at right
now, at the bottom for an external rewriting engine...

wouldn't this take "" and then just
basically ask apache to find a document "\..\[as
many as needed to get to root dir]/bret/HelloWorld.html" ?
Wouldn't that open a large security hole?


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From: Dean Gaudet <>
To: <>
Date: Tuesday, January 05, 1999 2:10 PM
Subject: Re: Need help adding symlink-like capability to Apache on NT

>Read the docs for mod_rewrite.  If you really want to invoke an external
>program to do the mappings it's trivial, you don't need to change the code
>at all.  In any event, what you want can be done in a module, you don't
>need to patch the core.
>On Tue, 5 Jan 1999, Bret McMillan wrote:
>> You have a valid concern...  let me explain a bit more.  Right now,
>> shortcuts are used in place of symlinks.
>> If you had a "foo" symlink on the linux version, on the nt version it is
>> represented by "foo.lnk".  These shortcut files are created at install
>> Assume foo.lnk exists in your httpdoc directory.  Assume foo.lnk links to
>> C:\Bret\, in which HelloWord.html exists.
>> What I want to happen is for a url request of
>> "" displays the contents of
>> HelloWorld.html.
>> We have an executable program that will do this:
>> Commandline:  "slink foo/HelloWorld.html"
>> Cout's:  "/bret/HelloWorld.html"
>> So that part is essentially done.  What we're trying to figure out is
>> to integrate that into apache's code.
>> Thanks for any and all info,
>> Bret

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