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From "Bret McMillan" <>
Subject Re: Need help adding symlink-like capability to Apache on NT
Date Tue, 05 Jan 1999 19:07:49 GMT
You have a valid concern...  let me explain a bit more.  Right now,
shortcuts are used in place of symlinks.
If you had a "foo" symlink on the linux version, on the nt version it is
represented by "foo.lnk".  These shortcut files are created at install time.

Assume foo.lnk exists in your httpdoc directory.  Assume foo.lnk links to
C:\Bret\, in which HelloWord.html exists.

What I want to happen is for a url request of
"" displays the contents of

We have an executable program that will do this:

Commandline:  "slink foo/HelloWorld.html"
Cout's:  "/bret/HelloWorld.html"

So that part is essentially done.  What we're trying to figure out is where
to integrate that into apache's code.

Thanks for any and all info,


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From: Bill Jones, FCCJ Webmaster <>
To: <>
Date: Tuesday, January 05, 1999 1:39 PM
Subject: Re: Need help adding symlink-like capability to Apache on NT

>Bret McMillan wrote:
>> We've devised a system for using shortcuts like symlinks.  What we need
>> do is, given a url that may contain "symlinks", we need to internally
>> resolve that name into a full NT path so that apache works with the
>> file/directory.  We have the code for this, but we aren't quite sure what
>> entry points in the code to work with (started looking at the source
>> Can anyone provide some hints?
>> Thanks,
>> Bret McMillan
>So, basically, you are saying that everything 'outside' of the
>DocRoot and/or CGI directories are available to the 'public'?
>Not sure that is what you want to do...
>Just thinking out loud...
>-Sneex-  :]
>Bill Jones  | FCCJ Webmaster |

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