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From Harri Kemppainen <>
Subject RE: Case Studies
Date Wed, 02 Dec 1998 09:07:35 GMT
On Tue, 1 Dec 1998, Michele Petrovsky wrote:

> This is where questions as to structure, presentation,
> audience etc. start to crop up.  Once there's a good
> general in-English tutorial of the type you've described,
> a case could be made that the existing docs are sufficient
> for all other needs (e.g., sysadmins, programmers).
> So, should apache-docs concentrate solely on:
> 	* producing a tutorial
> 	* broadening/facilitating access to the
> 	  existing docs (e.g., a document "portal"
> 	  as has been suggested; creating numerous
> 	  format versions such as PDF, SGML)
> or do we need other levels/types of documentation?
> And if the latter, what?

I'd love to see how-to type documents answering to very practical problems
like user wants to use SSI how do I enable it or I don't want all people
to see my private pages how do I stop them.
Those are for buzy (and maybe lazy) part time admins, like me. But
tutorials would be great also covering things more in depth and paving
path to "conventional" apache documentation use. 

This is my first appearance on list so I might introduce myself a bit. My
main job is to develop searh system with Java. I also admin departments
apache server on solaris. I need web-server in my work so my desktop is
Linux with apache and jserv (apache servlet module).

Harri Kemppainen
Java-programmer						Attila B288b
Information Studies, University of Tampere		+358 3 215 7632

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