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From Jon MacKay <>
Subject RE: Case Studies
Date Tue, 01 Dec 1998 16:13:42 GMT
In my experience the Apache docs are good once you get to know them, but
they require a bit of getting used to. We're in a difficult situation right
now because we're all (I assume) fairly comfortable with the docs and the
other resources available (ApacheWeek, for example). All of this time we've
spent with Apache has probably made us blind to the problems a novice will
face just looking at the docs for the first time.

Maybe what we're talking about is a very general tutorial about Apache
itself. How the server works, what modules are, what the components of CGI
are and how they can work with Apache (mod_perl, etc.). What about putting
this very general guide together so people who are just starting to look at
various web servers don't have to really struggle to get a grasp on what
Apache is and does.

As for the more in-depth documents (ie. mod_rewrite) those are the sorts of
things that should be tackled as they are starting to be understood... that
way, you get all the answers to your newbie questions, and have the docs
written before you forget the niggling details. 



Jon MacKay

> I would have to say, in my opinion, that the Apache Docs are
> great 'starter' guides in general but DO NOT cover things at a
> length that I am looking for - especially when it comes to
> things like some of the modules - mod_rewrite, for example.
> Also, at least in my local area, the people I've discuss things
> similar to this with have found that what they 'think' about
> how things happen in Unix, etc, are not really the way things
> work in Unix, etc.  So some of the confusion when it comes
> to WWW servers, etc is that they must unlearn what they have
> learned and start thinking in a wider scope.
> Thx for hearing out my 2 Cents :]
> -Sneex- 
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