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From "Bill Jones, FCCJ Webmaster" <>
Subject Re: Case Studies
Date Tue, 01 Dec 1998 15:14:16 GMT
Michele Petrovsky wrote:
> One more thing - everyone I've sounded out re: this (all
> of whom are sysadmins and at least Unix-conversant) has said
> that the one piece of Apache documentation they'd most like
> to have would be an "in-English" version of the existing
> online docs - something akin to a fleshed-out Quick Reference
> Card.  So I guess we're back to considering a "Users' Guide"
> too.


I would have to say, in my opinion, that the Apache Docs are
great 'starter' guides in general but DO NOT cover things at a
length that I am looking for - especially when it comes to
things like some of the modules - mod_rewrite, for example.

Also, at least in my local area, the people I've discuss things
similar to this with have found that what they 'think' about
how things happen in Unix, etc, are not really the way things
work in Unix, etc.  So some of the confusion when it comes
to WWW servers, etc is that they must unlearn what they have
learned and start thinking in a wider scope.

Thx for hearing out my 2 Cents :]
Bill Jones  |  904/632-3089  |

Contrary to the general lack of support within 'Open Source' coding -
I support what I write...  Others haven't, can't, or won't...

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