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From Michele Petrovsky <>
Subject Re: Case Studies
Date Tue, 01 Dec 1998 19:16:28 GMT
At 02:06 PM 12/1/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Jon MacKay wrote:
>> Maybe what we're talking about is a very general tutorial about Apache
>> itself. How the server works, what modules are, what the components of CGI
>> are and how they can work with Apache (mod_perl, etc.). What about putting
>> this very general guide together so people who are just starting to look at
>> various web servers don't have to really struggle to get a grasp on what
>> Apache is and does.
>Agreed, this is where the Apache Doc project could start; however, after
>reading and considering Anthony's, Michele's, et al comments - my question
>would be, I suppose, does the group feel the current Docs are weak in
>general scope or just in their treatment of MS environments in general?

I'd say limited in scope, insofar as they assume familiarity with
Unix and TCP/IP concepts at least.  The need to address the MS
audience pertains more to strategy than functionality.

>> As for the more in-depth documents (ie. mod_rewrite) those are the sorts of
>> things that should be tackled as they are starting to be understood... that
>> way, you get all the answers to your newbie questions, and have the docs
>> written before you forget the niggling details.
>A generally strong foundation is best before attacking 
>intermediate/advanced topics, etc.


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