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From Michele Petrovsky <>
Subject Case Studies
Date Tue, 01 Dec 1998 14:36:56 GMT
>At 08:34 AM 11/24/98 +0100, you wrote:
>>And then silence came upon the land of the Docs..
>Um ...  partially my fault.  For the past couple of
>weeks, I've been trying to line up someone/someplace
>that would be willing to let me use their Apache
>installation as the subject of a case study (see
>message from 11/02)

Some possibilities developing re: case studies to
"explain" Apache to the uninitiated.  One involves
the SYSADMIN at the community college where I teach.  He's
in the process of adding CGI capabilities and additional
security features to his Apache configuration (which
handles Web access to the college library's online catalog),
and has volunteered.  Others possible too; will keep you posted.

One more thing - everyone I've sounded out re: this (all
of whom are sysadmins and at least Unix-conversant) has said
that the one piece of Apache documentation they'd most like
to have would be an "in-English" version of the existing
online docs - something akin to a fleshed-out Quick Reference
Card.  So I guess we're back to considering a "Users' Guide"

Michele Petrovsky

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