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From "Kraaij, Reinder " <>
Subject RE: Case Studies
Date Tue, 01 Dec 1998 16:56:04 GMT
Look's like the life is back into it :o)

> 	* broadening/facilitating access to the
> 	  existing docs (e.g., a document "portal"
> 	  as has been suggested; creating numerous
> 	  format versions such as PDF, SGML)
> or do we need other levels/types of documentation?
> And if the latter, what?

I would suggest a Pure, Html Based Documenation with a logical

	- Thereby elimination various layout overload, thus focussing on the
Main goal
	- Downloadable in parts,  making it browsable offline, on there own
Home Server , thus elemenating the need of pdf

As far as 'if read point 1 till 4 is accepted for the portal, and we'r still
doubting about point 5.

			- Reinder

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