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From "Kraaij, Reinder " <>
Subject RE: Silence
Date Wed, 04 Nov 1998 08:24:18 GMT

>From what i tried about getting some information about apache Doc's I
learned the following:

1) It's not easy to Directly found information you want, You need to ask
several people's who lead you to a peace of source    sometimes, then say
"read it inside the source"

2) When you have a problem, there's not such a thing as "Get Info About.."

3) The Documents there are, are not readable for ,,freetime'' , Where that
stands for browsing through some interesting pages, which are not needed
yet, but where from you think "Hm, these might come in handy"

4) It's also missing a Big Frame work. There should be a ApacheDocPortal on
the Web, which will guide you to the information you need. Without an easy
way of information, even the best Software will fail to capture Market, as
Newbie's are thinking to fast that it will be a pain for them. Information
is the  Road for building the future.

5) The Power of apache is still not used at it best in the market, Thousands
of people are still writing CGI's , will there is a much more powerful use
of it - Modules -

In my simple minded opinion, if we create a DocPortal, it should definitely
not be in Book format. 
Yes, BackWays of the Portal have to be in Book Format, but the very front
has to be a Modular, quick-guiding-through system. Users don't have to guess
where the info stands, and don't want a thousand page links on there

The System has to be ordered. From what I read now, there are already
several different kind of users who want documents, and they all have a
different view.

1) The Users, They who might just load a Binary Apache, place it, and want
to have it configured, and secured
2) The Power Users, who Get the Source, Does some ./Configure and modifies
it somewhere
3) The beginning Developers, who have there server running, and want to
create a cgi script for it
   (have you ever tried to find quickly within minutes on the website what
kind of environment's are set inside apache ?)
   (you will land at FAQ Point 61, then you end op at a cgi document,
finding that these things are called
   ,, Request Metadata (Meta-Variables) ''
( )
4) The Advanced Developers, who try writing some Module and want information
about routine's and functions used inside apache 
5) The apache "Core" Developers. (who build the inner inside of the

These 5 Categories should find a way to the Portal of Apache,somehow.

		Reinder Kraaij

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