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From "Stefano Gobbo" <stefano.go...@MAIL.BIBLIO.POLIMI.IT>
Subject Re: Apache Doc Project
Date Wed, 04 Nov 1998 16:10:00 GMT
> >1. a set of book-style docs covering the various aspects of deploying a
> >   *web-based information system* with Apache. Some must be directly
> >    related to the product itself, while other should be more business
> oriented.
> It was in an effort to establish this sort of orientation that I came up
> with the outline I forwarded.  I doubt too many business types will
> understand or even care about phrasing like "module mod_log_referrer" or
> "log file format".  Most businesspeople just want to know that something
> works, not how and why it works.  And they want to know in terns they
> understand what it can do for them.
I agree, but what I mean here is something like GETTING STARTED, SITE 
PLANNING GUIDE or CONCEPTS. Whereas some issues seems to go 
outside the track, I fear this could be the only way to purge pearls like 
mod_rewrite in no-tech people.

> Good point, and relatively easy to accomplish.  FrameMaker, HotMetal, 
> Doc-to-Help - all do this kind of thing.
Scanning old apache-doc archives I noticed that someone (in the core group) 
stated they would nont accept any mean that couldn't be accessed via a 
dumb terminal. Probabily, even more, there'll be the need to layer the 
approach (i.e. low level tools for tech docs vs GUI/Web approach for books)

> >Moreover, define a
> >    framework on which module developers should adhere for documenting
> >    their work.
> This might be outside our area of responsibility.  Seems to me the members of
> the core group of developers would have to contribute to/agree to this.
Of course, everything which supposes even minimal interference in the main 
track will be subject to the core staff approval. OTOH some side effects will 
be probable.

> You must be psychic.
Call me Houdini ;-)

> I can get started with this one.  I have associations with several
> environments which run Apache - an engineering firm I used to do
> documentation work for, and the college at which I currently teach.
> I'll start asking questions to the system and network administrators
> at both those sites.
let me know 

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