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From Michele Petrovsky <>
Subject RE: Silence
Date Wed, 04 Nov 1998 15:00:51 GMT
At 09:24 AM 11/4/98 +0100, you wrote:

>The System has to be ordered. From what I read now, there are already
>several different kind of users who want documents, and they all have a
>different view.
>1) The Users, They who might just load a Binary Apache, place it, and want
>to have it configured, and secured
>2) The Power Users, who Get the Source, Does some ./Configure and modifies
>it somewhere
>3) The beginning Developers, who have there server running, and want to
>create a cgi script for it
>   (have you ever tried to find quickly within minutes on the website what
>kind of environment's are set inside apache ?)
>   (you will land at FAQ Point 61, then you end op at a cgi document,
>finding that these things are called
>   ,, Request Metadata (Meta-Variables) ''
>( )
>4) The Advanced Developers, who try writing some Module and want information
>about routine's and functions used inside apache 
>5) The apache "Core" Developers. (who build the inner inside of the

This point re: level of expertise of areas of the audience is critical.
Personally, I feel the needs of the latter two types are outside the
area of responsibility of a group like we seem to be building/becoming.
Anyone who's technically knowledgeable enough to be in either Category
4 or Category 5 would be able to work with the existing dos.  (If I can
understand them, I'm sure down-on-the-metal coders can.)

But for anyone at any of the first three levels of expertise, Reinder's 

>Yes, BackWays of the Portal have to be in Book Format, but the very front
>has to be a Modular, quick-guiding-through system. Users don't have to guess
>where the info stands, and don't want a thousand page links on there

has a lot of merit.


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