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From Michele Petrovsky <>
Subject RE: Silence
Date Tue, 03 Nov 1998 16:19:35 GMT
At 05:02 PM 11/3/98 +100, you wrote:

>I'm currently working on a sort of enterprise envision with the aim of opening 
>a debate on what should be done to increase the adoption of Apache in the 
>enterprise core. Two considerations mainly drove me to this point:
>1. I believe that Apache is now quite known to the enterprise management.
>    What is probably missing is some kind of higher level of abstraction 
>    directed to strategic IT professionals.
>2. A wider adoption within the big companies will IMHO enhance the test
>    base concerning with heavy load mission critical business and last-minute
>    technology integration.
>It is said "kill most the pen than the sword". Well, demonstrate that
>the word (in therm of wider breath documentation) is sometime a product
>from the facts (read we provide what we state), and not viceversa.

Once again, I agree.  But specifically, how might we accomplish this?


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