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From Michele Petrovsky <>
Subject RE: Silence
Date Tue, 03 Nov 1998 15:20:14 GMT
At 04:00 PM 11/3/98 +100, you wrote:
>> But I do know that by far the greatest amount of traffic and messages re:
>> in general, including sometimes its documentation, takes place on
>> the "new-httpd" list.
>I listen daily the *main* list and the main reason for which I decided to wake 
>up the ghost is the couple of document posted to the list (specifically, the 
>MS Migration doc and the Hallowen doc).

I saw the Halloween doc too.  Is it possible it's for real?

>> But maybe we can get some activity going on this one.  I'm a tech writer,
>> teacher, and Apache mailing list lurker who's interested in helping
>> out the project by doing documentation work.  How about you folks?
>I believe that documentation plays a primary role in the effort of penetrating 
>enterprise and business deployment. I'm ready to enter the game.
>The only *true* obstacle which I must face is the language but, you know, 
>with a little help of some (new) friends...

That's great!  And language need not be a problem; I'm sure
we can find someone to help us out with any translating that's needed.
And I agree completely with your view of the role of
documentation.  Particularly for a (largely) Unix-based aplication
like Apache, the "it's too cryptic" type of criticism can keep many
people from considering it.

So, folks, what might we do for our first "Apache Documentation Group"
project?  Some of the fellows at new-httpd suggested the following:

        * a "User's Guide" that would offer step-by-step, "how to
          install and configure" instructions
        * some simple, "canned" configurations, already zipped and
          ready to download and install

I've taken a few stabs at the first, but it's nowhere near ready yet.
I hopeto complete it by the end of this year.  (Got delayed because of
having to upgrade/reconfigure my PC.  But in another week or two, will
have two versions of Linux up, and apache under each, so will be able to
resume at that point.)

Does anyone out there have any other ideas as to how we could further
Stefano's goal of creating a body of Apache documentation that will aid the
application in being further accepted and deployed in the business and
enterprise spheres?

"Life is like an hourglass; consciousness is the sand."

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