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From "Stefano Gobbo" <>
Subject RE: Silence
Date Tue, 03 Nov 1998 15:00:33 GMT
> But I do know that by far the greatest amount of traffic and messages re: Apache
> in general, including sometimes its documentation, takes place on
> the "new-httpd" list.
I listen daily the *main* list and the main reason for which I decided to wake 
up the ghost is the couple of document posted to the list (specifically, the 
MS Migration doc and the Hallowen doc).

> But maybe we can get some activity going on this one.  I'm a tech writer,
> teacher, and Apache mailing list lurker who's interested in helping
> out the project by doing documentation work.  How about you folks?
I believe that documentation plays a primary role in the effort of penetrating 
enterprise and business deployment. I'm ready to enter the game.
The only *true* obstacle which I must face is the language but, you know, 
with a little help of some (new) friends...


Stefano Gobbo               

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