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From Ian Clatworthy <>
Subject Apache Handbook in SDF
Date Wed, 03 Sep 1997 23:46:25 GMT

I've had a first cut at converting Ralf's SGML source for the
Apache Handbook to SDF. The files together with the generated HTML are
available from
The file is under 20k so downloading it shouldn't take too long.

I haven't generated the PostScript yet, so I'm not sure
how good it will look. Odds are, I'll need to make some
minor changes to the SDF source and/or SDF files to get
it coming out a bit better. Likewise, I haven't had a
chance to test Windows help output, plain text or the
other 10 million formats everyone wants thesedays. :-)

The HTML looks pretty good to me, although it could do
with a smaller logo - clipping most of the black band off
apache_sub.gif might be a good start. In any case, I'll
leave that up to someone else.

Hope this helps,

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