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From "Laurel J. Gaddie" <>
Subject Re: anyone out there
Date Thu, 07 Aug 1997 19:30:45 GMT

I also say "Hi guys."

I'm Laurel, the documentation coordinator for C2Net, which makes
Stronghold.  I've got about 300 pages of Stronghold documentation, most of
which also applies to Apache, of course.  We're happy to donate any bits
and pieces that you guys feel are Good or Useful.

The current version of the Stronghold docs is here:

Feel free to cut and paste or to request whole files from me.

If you're planning API docs, I'd love to discuss possible collaboration.  ;]



At 12:18 PM -0700 8/7/97, chris wrote:
>Hi guys.
>My name's Chris and I do support for HotBot over at Wired Digital. I'm
>relatively short on the technical knowledge side but I do have time, I can
>write, and I am very interested in contributing so if you need anything
>translated from Engineerese to English, etc. I am at your service.
>On Thu, 7 Aug 1997, Brian Slesinsky wrote:
>> I'm a programmer at Wired Digital (HotWired).  I just wrote my first
>> Apache module and experienced Apache's lack of documentation first-hand,
>> so I thought I'd help, though to be honest I don't have lots of spare time
>> to contribute at the moment.
>> Perhaps someone could send out the list of subscribers?
>> __Brian__
>Wired Digital Support          
>Christopher Huber                          (415) 276-8563
>"Maybe you'll all get tapeworms. Or be struck by lighting
>and attacked by rabid owls. Just quit sending your stupid
>press releases."

Laurel J. Gaddie                         	
Documentation Coordinator           
C2Net Software, Inc.                        			  510.986.8776

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