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From Brian Slesinsky <>
Subject Re: license
Date Thu, 07 Aug 1997 23:07:24 GMT

I think commercial publishing would be okay as long as it's nonexclusive; 
there should be multiple commercial distributors like with Linux.
Similarly, as someone who works for a commercial web site, I wouldn't be
adverse to mirror sites running ads as long as it's nonexclusive and
others can put up mirror sites for free. 

Perhaps this is naive, but my guess is that if there's true competition,
nobody's going to make a whole lot of money from publishing a book you can
get elsewhere for less.  But does anyone know what happens with other
books in the public domain? 

In any case, we don't need to decide this right away - we could distribute
under a more restrictive license and ask people to write to us about
commercial distribution. 

Brian Slesinsky                

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