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From Ian Clatworthy <>
Subject SDF now ready for ADP (I hope)
Date Tue, 19 Aug 1997 08:04:19 GMT
I've finally had a chance to debug SDF's SGML output driver,
so the latest version of SDF should now be ready for
evaluation/use on the Apache Documentation Project.
You can fetch it from

The new things in this release are:

1. SGML output now works
2. HTML_PRE_HEADER/HTML_POST_FOOTER variables are provided for
   tuning the HTML layout
3. Headings in HTML and plain text formats are numbered.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to test SDF -> SGML -> LaTeX
as the installation of sgml-tools 0.99.14 at my site isn't
perfect. In particular, if I type:

  sdf -2sgml test.sdf
  sgml2latex test.sgml

then the sgml2latex bit fails silently. :-( Perhaps, it because
we don't have LaTeX/TeX installed?

However, most other things in sgml-tools work for me, i.e.
sgmlcheck, sgml2html, sgml2txt, sgml2rtf, sgml2info and sgml2lyx.
As such, I'm pretty confident that the SGML I'm generating is ok.

As always, I've got some loose ends to tidy up, but there should be
enough functionality there to be useful. If you run into bugs
and/or limitations, let me know. Patches are always welcome,
of course!


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