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From sdf <>
Subject New SDF version for ADP ready
Date Sat, 16 Aug 1997 15:39:00 GMT
I've packaged up my work-in-progress version of SDF and made it available
from The version number is
2.000beta11a. This isn't a formal release so I haven't updated
the web pages - you'll have to download it to get the latest
release notes, etc.

The purpose of this release is to provide the Apache Documentation
Project with a snapshot of where I'm up to. I hope there's enough
there to show that I'm committed to improving SDF in order to
meet the ADP's needs. However, my free time has been more limited
than I expected, so I've still got a way to go. :-(

As I suggested a few days ago, I've implemented SGML output from
SDF. As such, SDF can now be used in combination with SGML-Tools in
order to get LaTeX, DVI, PS, GNU info, RTF, etc. This stuff
isn't tested (other than manually previewing the output), but
it should be acceptable, give or take a few bugs. I've also
started on direct LaTeX output, but it still has a fair way
to go, mainly because I'm still (slowly) learning LaTeX.

If you find any bugs in the SGML stuff, please let me know ASAP.
I'd really like the SGML stuff to be as bug free as possible when
I release beta12 (5-10 days from now, say). The other things
you can expect in beta12 are:

* numbered headings in HTML
* HTML_PROLOG and HTML_EPILOG (as requested by Ralf)
* automatic conversion of figure formats.

Good luck with your decision on SDF vs SGML-Tools vs ...


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