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From Ian Clatworthy <>
Subject SGML output
Date Wed, 13 Aug 1997 12:25:48 GMT
As I mentioned previously, I've started work on
direct output of LaTeX from SDF and expect to have
something ready within a few days. Would it also
be useful to output SGML (ready for SGMLTools)?
If so, would it be better for me to do the
SGML output first?

I'd personally favour doing SGML first for a few reasons:

* SDF already has a HTML output driver and adapting this
  for SGML should be very easy and much quicker than writing
  a LaTeX driver, particularly as my knowledge of SGML is
  much better than my knowledge of LaTeX

* SDF gains a new output format (SGML) and all the output formats
  supported by SGMLTools. Furthermore, it will indirectly
  benefit from any enhancements/fixes added to SGMLTools.

* If people prefer the output generated by SGMLTools for
  a particular target format (e.g. HTML), its easy to
  generate it.

Furthermore, if SDF is initially selected but people decide to migrate
to an SGML-based tool at a later date (for whatever reason), migration
should be easy.

>From my perspective, converting SDF to SGML will take me less time
and give SDF more benefit. It also buys me a bit of time to get
a more fully-functional LaTeX driver ready. However, if you'd rather
that I remain focussed on direct LaTeX generation, I'll stick
with that.

Any thoughts?


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