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From (Ralf S. Engelschall)
Subject Re: SDF now ready for ADP (I hope)
Date Tue, 19 Aug 1997 09:18:10 GMT

In article <> you wrote:

> I've finally had a chance to debug SDF's SGML output driver,
> so the latest version of SDF should now be ready for
> evaluation/use on the Apache Documentation Project.
> You can fetch it from

Fine. Because yesterday I've fetched the sdf-2.000b11a.tar.gz and there I'd
some problems when trying to test-drive your example test page posted
recently. For instance the LaTeX output actually was plain ASCII. And the
PRE_HEADER/PRE_FOOTER stuff was not working. I've now fetched
sdf-2.000b11b.tar.gz and will try again with this one.

> The new things in this release are:

> 1. SGML output now works
> 2. HTML_PRE_HEADER/HTML_POST_FOOTER variables are provided for
>    tuning the HTML layout
> 3. Headings in HTML and plain text formats are numbered.


> Unfortunately, I haven't been able to test SDF -> SGML -> LaTeX
> as the installation of sgml-tools 0.99.14 at my site isn't
> perfect. In particular, if I type:

>   sdf -2sgml test.sdf
>   sgml2latex test.sgml

> then the sgml2latex bit fails silently. :-( Perhaps, it because
> we don't have LaTeX/TeX installed?

No LaTeX itself should not be needed to generate LaTeX, it is only needed when
compiling the LaTeX source to DVI. Hmmm... seems like you have other local

> However, most other things in sgml-tools work for me, i.e.
> sgmlcheck, sgml2html, sgml2txt, sgml2rtf, sgml2info and sgml2lyx.
> As such, I'm pretty confident that the SGML I'm generating is ok.

Sounds good.

> As always, I've got some loose ends to tidy up, but there should be
> enough functionality there to be useful. If you run into bugs
> and/or limitations, let me know. Patches are always welcome,
> of course!

Ok, I'll test sdf-2.000b11b.tar.gz now and give feedback.

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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