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From Navjot Singh <>
Subject How can i dive into apache webserver source code
Date Mon, 22 Apr 2019 13:55:04 GMT
How can I debug Apache http webserver source code? I've always done is the

My System details are as follows

Operating system: Window 10

compiler: gcc(MinGw)

bits: 64 bits

Open multiple copies of my editor (Visual Studio/Eclipse/Whatever) and then
debug and do line breaks step through the code. Find out the flow of the
code, stack trace through to see where the key points are and go from there.

I can look at method after method - but it's nice if I can click on
something and then see where in the code it's executed and follow along.
Let's me get a feel for how the developer wanted things to work.

*How can i debug Apache http webserver source code? I would love to hear
any improvements you can suggest to this post*

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