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From William A Rowe Jr <>
Subject Re: How can I dive into apache webserver source code
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2019 18:46:23 GMT
I'm confused, why are you building with gcc to a Microsoft OS platform

What you are left with is a hybrid of bad posix-like thunks to native MS

You COULD install SFU (the Ubuntu-on-Windows layer) and have a true
posix environment, but be warned I'm seeing broken locking behavior relative
to Linux/BSD that I haven't found an explanation to, just yet. I'd encourage
you to try this and use gdb/eclipse.

Or you could simply build under VC for win32 using the project files or
CMake and have something we all test against, which uses the win32 API.

Myself, trying to debug on Win32, I use the project files, update them using
Apache.dsw and let all the updates happen for the modern VisualStudio,
and from that environment, choose my invocation runtime line and dive in
pretty much from the build environment. It's helpful to know the -X option,
which disables spawning a child and ensures you are looking at the entire
execution environment in a single process. Setting breakpoints, etc becomes

On Mon, Apr 22, 2019 at 8:53 AM Navjot Singh <>

> How can I debug Apache http webserver source code? I've always done is the
> following:
> My System details are as follows
> Operating system: Window 10
> compiler: gcc(MinGw)
> bits: 64 bits
> Open multiple copies of my editor (Visual Studio/Eclipse/Whatever) and
> then debug and do line breaks step through the code. Find out the flow of
> the code, stack trace through to see where the key points are and go from
> there.
> I can look at method after method - but it's nice if I can click on
> something and then see where in the code it's executed and follow along.
> Let's me get a feel for how the developer wanted things to work.
> *How can i debug Apache http webserver source code? I would love to hear
> any improvements you can suggest to this post?*

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