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From William A Rowe Jr <>
Subject [POLL] Final status of 2.2.x branch
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2018 15:25:54 GMT
On 1 June of 2016 we concluded the 2.2.x lifecycle poll and discussion
with the following summary;

"The Apache Web Server Project will continue to provide maintenance
releases of the 2.2.x flavor through June of 2017, and will provide
some security patches beyond this date through at least December of
2017. Minimal maintenance patches are expected throughout this period,
and users are strongly encouraged to complete their transitions to the
2.4.x flavor of httpd on an expedited basis to benefit from a larger
assortment of bug fixes, software robustness and new features."

Our users were communicated this message in June of 2016, these dates
are now past. At the time there was discussion that several PMC
members may have ongoing concerns beyond the 12 or 18 month window,
I'd like to ensure these concerns are concluded. If you are
volunteering to track security defects and CVE's applicable to the
2.2.x tree, publish patches in apply_to_2.2.34/, continue to revise
documentation, etc. please speak up now. (I am not volunteering to
maintain these resources myself.)

In the absence of three active contributors, I volunteer to clean up
the website, www dist site and svn in the coming days (see the current
state of 2.0.x resources for examples), based on original consensus.

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