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From Steffen <>
Subject mod_md 1.9.7 with 2.4.28
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2017 09:57:33 GMT

Reading at Git:

When building against 2.4.x, one probably needs to configure without 
 since there were some warnings fixed in Apache httpd trunk.Removed 
obsolete function from interface to mod_ssl. Module now requires at 
least mod_ssl
 patch v4 in place.

Trunk is mentioned there, so does mod_md 1.9.7 and mod_ssl patched V5 
work with httpd 2.4.28 ?


Using mod_md now for quite some time on Windows, it does the job fine.

Missing that I can run a script  after renewing, for example following 

  # never = do not do it yourself, but run notifications
  Restart never | auto
  # run a script when restart is requested or performed
  RestartRequestNotification <path to exec given type+reason as arg>
  RestartNotification <path to exec given type+reason as arg>

The I can use a scipt mod_md.bat which contains for example:

mailsend.exe .......
net stop Apache
net start Apache

xcopy ...chain.pem to mail server /Y
xcopy ...key.pem to mail server /Y

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