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From Steffen <>
Subject mime type woff woff2
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2017 08:21:14 GMT

In conf mime.types we have:

application/font-woff woff

And missing woff2 (have several request to add)

According to IANA 

font-woff - DEPRECATED in favor of font/woff  application/font-woff


woff font/wof
woff2 font/woff2

Do we change/add in mime.types : ?

change application/font-woff    woff   to  font/woff  woff

and add  font/wof2  woff2  ?

Or do we need both : ?

application/font-woff    woff
application/font-woff2    woff2
font/woff  woff
font/woff2  woff2

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