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From Nick Gearls <>
Subject Re: SSLPolicy
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2017 11:06:36 GMT
This can be done using mod_macro without any additional code

On 04-08-2017 11:26, Stefan Eissing wrote:
> I talked about some kind of SSL Policy definition in httpd's configuration
> in the past and am now about to get serious about it. Here is what I wan to
> do:
> Recap: the general idea is
> 1. Give a set of SSL directives a name and allow the user to apply that name
>     in several virtual hosts.
> 2. Provide a set of already defined policies that either follow a public
>     definition (like the Mozilla security classes) or express our idea of
>     how configuration should look like.
> 3. Allow distributions/users to define their own policy sets, of course.
> The Benefits I'd like to achieve with this:
> A. A name makes it easier to talk about used/recommended configurations. It
>     also makes it easy for admins to apply a known set of policies. It is
>     less error prone.
> B. SSLPolicy definitions can be updated by us or by distributions, since the
>     config defining the policies need not be edited by the user, e.g. can be
>     replaced in an update. This way, a broken cipher/protocol can be updated
>     away in policies we/distributions define. This should help increase security
>     of https on the internet.
> The proposal:
> Introduce two new directives "SSLPolicy" and "<SSLPolicy":
>    <SSLPolicy name>
>      SSLProtocol      ...
>      SSLCipherSuite   ...
>      ...
>    </SSLPolicy>
> defines a set of SSL configuration directives (basically all non-proxy that are
> applicable in vhosts). This can only be done in the global context. Names
> may not be overwritten.
>    SSLPolicy name
> applies the policy in the given context (server/vhost).
> Implementation:
> Changes should basically only affect ssl_kernel_config.c. Config commands will
> add a check if they are inside a "<SSLPolicy" selection and use a SSLSrvConfigRec*
> for the section.
> The config command for "SSLPolicy" will look up the SSLSrvConfigRec* of "name" in
> a global hash and do a merge of that record with the current server one. This
> should use the policy as base for the merge, so local directives can override a policy.
> Compatibility:
> Existing installations are unaffected by this addition.
> -Stefan

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