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From Jacob Champion <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1799689 - in /httpd/test/framework/trunk/t: conf/ htdocs/modules/proxy/fcgi/ htdocs/modules/proxy/fcgi/index.php modules/proxy_fcgi.t
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2017 20:57:08 GMT
On 06/23/2017 01:22 PM, Jim Jagielski wrote:
> This is cool. Thx. It's inline with what I was hoping to do.

No problem!

> I'm curious though Since we never actually *run* php-fpm on the
> PHP script, we never see what PHP actually determines are these
> parameters, right?

So like you said on IRC: the entire point of PHP-FPM mode is to work 
with PHP as it exists today. But "work" means different things to 
different people. Some people just want the scripts to *run*; other 
people need the values of the envvars to remain exactly compatible 
because they use them within their scripts.

So the regression test for a default, unset BackendType doesn't really 
need to run FPM, because we can't change the envvar values we send by 
default anyway. (Because that would potentially break, and has already 
broken, users who are using those values for some other reason.) What we 
need to check instead is that the unset BackendType behaves exactly as 
2.4.20 did, so that no users upgrading from pre-2.4.20 are broken by our 
latest release.

I don't see a need for an FPM mode at moment, because the 2.4.20 
behavior that should become the default in 2.4.27 *seemed* to work for 
the vast majority of people. (I was the person who filed the proxy: 
prefix bug, and I have a better solution to that now with Eric's 
ProxyFCGISetEnvIf.) But we shipped FPM mode and I can't very well remove 
it. If you want FPM mode to do something differently from 2.4.20's 
behavior, it'd be good to explain what that is and why you want it.

(All that said, an integration test with FPM would be great to have on 
top of the regression test for obvious reasons. It just serves a 
different purpose.)


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